Created on:2022-07-06 11:09

Chain enterprises have a large number of directly-operated stores, daily network management becomes a "mission impossible". The network interruption of store business may affect usual transaction, causing profits loss, and even bringing bad shopping experience to customers. So, the way of maintaining the network stability, quickly troubleshooting is of vital importance.


The number of chain stores will expand rapidly as the rapid development of business. The IT staffs need to quickly deploy the network of many stores within a short time, which brings great challenges,since branch stores are located different with the high daily operation and maintenance costs. 


Thus, Mobitel launched MR402 which can enpower chain enterprises to achieve efficient store network managemen

On-site network overview: As a on-site network device, the edge router MR402 can quickly access the Internet through the 4G/5G cellular network wired network, providing a stable and efficient business network. It can easily establishes an efficient local area network. Devices such as POS, intelligent self-service terminals, cameras and employee/customer mobile phones in stores can be easily and conveniently connected to the LAN through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It provides simple, convenient and efficient network service with excellent network capabilities.We are here to provide one-stop deployment of every on-site network equipments. The convenient deployment of on-site equipment effectively improves the deployment efficiency, and saves time, which meets the needs of rapid expansion of chain stores.


Store network failures: InCloud Manager can monitor store network in real time, detecting abnormal conditions such as network equipment disconnection, and providing timely feedback to operation and maintenance personnel via SMS or email. At the same time, it provides a variety of network diagnostic tools for troubleshoot faults, then restoring the network in time to reduce financial losses.


Store network management: To help IT engineers manage numerous distributed store site networks, Cloud Manager provides centalized cloud management services, to overcome various limiting, which can control the network status anytime and anywhere and improve the efficiency.eployment, providing  a simple and convenient network

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