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In order to ensure and continuously improve the operation quality of the distribution network, power customers are stepping up efforts to monitor every device on the distribution network.As a key component of any smart grid deployment, substation monitoring is the key to these efforts.

In order to observe the power consumption of the distribution terminal department, the power company hopes to obtain real-time monitoring data from the substation.these data is essential for analyzing the operating status of end users and detecting potential problems, which may shorten the power outage time and thus improve the quality of power supply.

InHand Networks has more than ten years of experience in building wireless communication networks.For widely distributed distribution automation systems, InHand has created fast and easy-to-use 4G LTE and 3G network routers designed for real-time monitoring of substation performance, including GOOSE, DNP3, SMS and Modbus.


InHand solution





MR402 power grid routers.


Dual WAN, 4G, LTE, 3G, HSPA

5*100M ETH port and 2 * serial port

GRE, L2TP, IPSec, DMVPN, and OpenVPN

Data collection and storage


MR302 is the next step in the development of trustworthy InRouter series.IR900 helps customers avoid additional costs in telemetry software and hardware by integrating embedded 4G LTE or 3G communication modules and data acquisition solutions.InHand's equipment cloud equipment network platform InRouter900 transmit substation operation data to the cloud monitoring center to realize real-time substation monitoring of thousands of equipment all over the power grid.

MR402 also supports email and SMS alarms. When the substation fails, IR900 will quickly generate alarm information and send it to the operator via email or SMS.real-time online perception enables technicians to shorten power outage time, prevent alternating power outages and other events, and minimize the impact on consumer power distribution quality.






● 4G LTE or 3G MR402 bring real benefits to power customers:

● Improve power supply efficiency and shorten power outage time, reduce operating support costs through the central cloud platform,

● Use the alarm function to quickly fix any faults,

Quick response to unexpected problems.


InHand substation monitoring solution is designed for scalability and rapid deployment without downtime to ensure positive budget performance.substations become intelligent, enabling customers to quickly and effectively detect and solve potential problems in the distribution network.With the help of embedded data acquisition and local alarm functions in the MR402, customers can enjoy real-time monitoring of substations, improve fault response efficiency and reduce on-site support.

Monitor transformers through 4G LTE/3G